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Dismarking to Receive with the Purpose of Penetration.

Organisation: Grid to suit age and ability.

Instruction: Player C stands behind Player B. Player C starts the game by sprinting to either mannequin and then trying to get back to defend Player B.

Player B must check his shoulder to see where Player C has gone and dismark to the other side to now receive the pass from Player A.

Player C is only allowed a yard or two off of his line and can not follow Player B once he is off and dribbling.

Player B now goes 2v1 with Player D against Player E to try and move the ball over the end line to score.

Players E & D must start on the back line together and can not move until Player B has received the ball, at which point Player D disembarks to receive.

Coaching Points:

1) Pass must be firm and accurate to allow Player B to dismark and receive it on his back foot.

2) Player B must check his shoulder automatically and quickly, to read where the defender is so that he can take his touch/turn into the correct space.

3) Player B must get dribbling quickly to cut out the recovery defender (Player C).

4) Player D must adjust his position as the play is developing in front of him (generate positional & numerical superiority).

Player B must draw the defender out of his defensive slot to find the Free Man (Player D).

5) Body orientation of Players B & D to receive on back foot and able to see up and down the field.

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