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A little bit about the book.


Football. A Game Model.

A Positional Play Game Model for Coaches

By Patrick J King

This book is a Game Model intended for coaches of all levels who are looking to coach an attractive and courageous style of football based on Positional Play or Juego de Posicion. 

The Game Model is logically structured to allow coaches to gain an understanding of concepts before they coach them and to understand how the principles of Positional Play are applied to virtually every facet of the game.  

Many coaches have great ideas on how the game should look but struggle to compile these thoughts into a logical, flowing document that they can consult as and when they need it.

This Game Model endeavors to show the coach how to understand the game as a whole and take this understanding and apply it to his own sessions and team. 

This Game Model is predicated on Positional Play and will help the coach understand how these principles can be used to dominate the game from a positional standpoint and make excellent use of ball possession. 

The book is precisely and succinctly written and is accompanied by lots of simple and easy to understand diagrams that bring the book to life. 

The author, Patrick J King, is a life long and dedicated student of the game currently involved with La Cantera Futbol ( as a consultant for coaches and clubs across America as well as remaining as a coach and Director of Coaching for a U.S. club.

Patrick King has worked with a wide variety of clubs such as New York Red Bulls and Bayern Munich affiliates.

He has a Master's of Science Degree in Football Coaching as well a Uefa B coaching license. 

He is currently also studying for his Conmebol Pro License with the Argentine Football Association.

The book is available on Amazon in two formats:


Paper Back 

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