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In the U.S. it is common place for players to be technically deficient in soccer skills, much the same way that in Europe, young players can not throw a baseball or dribble and shoot a basketball with the same amount of mastery as their U.S. contemporaries.

In short, the 3 organised club-training sessions per week do not, on their own, allow a player to develop their ability to control the ball to a sufficient enough level for them to progress in the game, whether that be High School, College or on the professional stage.

There are many types of extra practices that a player can participate in the will improve his or her dominance of the ball such as formalised team practices, technical repetition work and individual ball mastery sessions.

La Cantera Futbol offers all of these in the pursuit of improving the development of dedicated players. 

La Cantera coaches can travel and have facilities ready to go.

Please call La Cantera Futbol to book your first session on 347-884-0159 or email

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