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A little bit about us.


Not happy with the way in which the game is often coached in North America with its over reliance on size, speed and athleticism, they decided on a different way to present the game to both players and coaches who had not been raised in a true soccer-culture environment.

The founders draw on their experience as Directors of Coaching and Board Members of soccer clubs, as well as coaching at New York Red Bulls, Bayern Munich affiliates, Barcelona Escola and FC Arizona to be able to provide the best coaching, training and coaching education available for both players, coaches, teams and clubs. 

They believe that in order to develop competent, intelligent and problem solving players, a coach must first invest the time in three things;

  • His own knowledge of the game and how to analyse it and then coach it.

  • How to generate players that are technically dominant in 1v1, 2v1 & 3v2 situations. 

  • Hours and hours of Rondo and positional (juego de posicion) games.

Both life long Barcelona fans, they bring this philosophy to the players, coaches and clubs they work with.


As a company we pride ourselves on improving the coaching ability of all of the aspiring coaches that we come into contact with, whether that be through face to face contact, books and publications or through email and telephone correspondance. 

Through the collective experience of the directors we can help both clubs and coaches get more from themselves than they thought possible.

We will sit down and help you with whatever facet of football you need, whether that be;

  • Coaching Education

  • Coach Recruitment

  • Game Model Design

  • Curriculum Design

  • Session Plan Design

  • Marketing & Fund Raising

  • Player Recruitment

At La Cantera Futbol we are a forward thinking and progressive company that comprise of coaches who firmly have their beliefs, philosophy & methodology based on the same principles as the Spanish and Catalan teams, positional play (Juego de Posicion) generating a beautiful and effective style of soccer.

From a business standpoint, the company leadership is drawn from lawyers, engineers and soccer club leadership from across the UK & US and are exceptionally well placed to be able to analyse clubs and produce bespoke solutions to their problems.

We can provide clubs with a top to bottom health check, afterwards sitting down with the leadership and putting together actions plans to address and correct any issues.

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